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May 19, 2015 - A Look At The New Commandlinefu
I've put together a short writeup on what kind of newness you can expect from the next iteration of clfu. Check it out here.
March 2, 2015 - New Management
I'm Jon, I'll be maintaining and improving clfu. Thanks to David for building such a great resource!

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Psst. Open beta.

Wow, didn't really expect you to read this far down. The latest iteration of the site is in open beta. It's a gentle open beta-- not in prime-time just yet. It's being hosted over at UpGuard (link) and you are more than welcome to give it a shot. Couple things:

  • » The open beta is running a copy of the database that will not carry over to the final version. Don't post anything you don't mind losing.
  • » If you wish to use your user account, you will probably need to reset your password.
Your feedback is appreciated via the form on the beta page. Thanks! -Jon & CLFU Team

Unix alias for date command that lets you create timestamps in ISO 8601 format

Terminal - Unix alias for date command that lets you create timestamps in ISO 8601 format
alias timestamp='date "+%Y%m%dT%H%M%S"'
2009-02-20 23:18:30
User: olifante
Functions: alias
Unix alias for date command that lets you create timestamps in ISO 8601 format

I often need to add a timestamp to a file, but I never seem to remember the exact format string that has to be passed to the date command to get a compact datetime string like 20090220T231410 (i.e yyyymmddThhmmss, the ISO 8601 format popular outside the US)


There is 1 alternative - vote for the best!

Terminal - Alternatives
alias t__s='date "+%FT%T"'
2014-03-06 04:37:55
User: UncleLouie
Functions: alias

This can be easier to look at in ls output. Not as clean as +%Y%m%dT%H%M%S, but quicker to write.

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