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Update twitter via curl

Terminal - Update twitter via curl
curl -u user:pass -d status="Tweeting from the shell" http://twitter.com/statuses/update.xml
2009-02-05 18:33:23
User: adamm9
Update twitter via curl


There are 5 alternatives - vote for the best!

Terminal - Alternatives
curl -u twitter-username -d status="Hello World, Twitter!" -d source="cURL" http://twitter.com/statuses/update.xml
2009-12-08 14:54:33
User: MyTechieself
Tags: twitter curl api

An improvement of the original (at: http://www.commandlinefu.com/commands/view/2872/update-twitter-via-curl) in the sense that you see a "from cURL" under your status message instead of just a "from API" ;-) Twitter automatically links it to the cURL home page.

curl -u user -d status="Tweeting from the shell" http://twitter.com/statuses/update.xml
2009-08-05 02:24:01
User: matthewbauer

Doesn't require password (asks for it instead)

tweet () { curl -u UserName -d status="$*" http://twitter.com/statuses/update.xml; }
2009-11-07 06:54:02
User: bartonski
Tags: twitter tweet

This version of tweet() doesn't require you to put quotes around the body of your tweet... it also prompts you for password. It will still barf on a '!' character.

curl -u YourUsername:YourPassword -d status="Your status message go here" http://twitter.com/statuses/update.xml
2009-06-27 21:47:48
User: m33600
Tags: twitter

Found it on snipt, pok3, is it yours?

I put my user = m33600, the password and the status was my robot message:

Settima robot message: ALARM ZONE 3 (sent via command line).

Now bots may have their identity on twitter...

tweet(){ curl -u "$1" -d status="$2" "http://twitter.com/statuses/update.xml"; }
2009-08-23 16:56:24
User: Code_Bleu

Type the command in the terminal and press enter to create the tweet() function. Then run as follows:

tweet MyTwitterAccount "My message goes here"

It will prompt you for password. Make sure that you use escape "\" character in message for showing varialbles or markup.

Know a better way?

If you can do better, submit your command here.

What others think

Be carefull not to do that in a multi-user machine, since your password will be visible in the process listing for as long as curl is running.

Comment by kov 353 weeks and 4 days ago

If you leave out `:pass` (your password), you will be able to enter your password later in a more secure manner.

Comment by sirlancelot 351 weeks and 4 days ago

Also note that you can't use an "!" as bash will error out with

bash: !": event not found
Comment by XtCrAvE 349 weeks and 4 days ago

or $history -c once you do that... [of course to clear the hisory]

Comment by chanux 348 weeks and 6 days ago

regarding bash history and security: you can also put a space in front of a command to keep it out of your .bash_history (pressing up won't show it)

curl etc...etc...


Comment by sudopeople 348 weeks and 2 days ago

This is resulting in 403 (Forbidden) errors today:

403 Forbidden: The server understood the request, but is refusing to fulfill it.

Comment by alesplin 346 weeks and 2 days ago

Note: if cURL not installed, install it (ubuntu) :

sudo apt-get install curl

Comment by cmdnix 329 weeks and 6 days ago

You can use ! just use 'single quotes'

Comment by mandroid 290 weeks and 2 days ago

Just start the command with a space (if it includes your password)so that its not stored in your .bash_history file. its safer that way.

Comment by nssy 282 weeks and 6 days ago

i tried, but i get this answer:

Basic authentication is not supported

Comment by rubo77 273 weeks and 1 day ago

Twitter recently removed support for HTTP Basic Auth (requiring OAuth instead) so this command will not work anymore.

See http://dev.twitter.com/announcements

Comment by ronnix 273 weeks ago


Basic authentication is no longer supported by @twitter

This generates error "curl -u user:pass -d status="Tweeting from the shell"

Basic authentication is not supported

Comment by ruwindada 270 weeks and 2 days ago

so is there any other solution?

Comment by rubo77 266 weeks and 4 days ago

Basic Auth turned off as of August 2010: http://apiwiki.twitter.com/w/page/22554643/Authentication

scan to bottom

Comment by dan77l 262 weeks and 6 days ago

Looks like there is a solution, gotta use OAuth: http://jeffmiller.github.com/2010/05/31/twitter-from-the-command-line-in-python-using-oauth

Comment by dan77l 262 weeks and 6 days ago

Basic authentication is not supported

Comment by ni3in3005 244 weeks ago

Personally I'm using this mostly bash-based solution: http://blog.yjl.im/2010/05/bash-oauth.html

Comment by gluk47 240 weeks and 2 days ago

Here is a working bash script to post to Twitter from the command line on Linux and Mac:


Comment by unixmonkey21336 238 weeks ago

Anyone know of something similar for identi.ca?

Comment by sfyn 207 weeks and 3 days ago

-1 for plain-text password in the shell. Sorry, mate.

Comment by R3load 116 weeks and 4 days ago

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