Commands by jaymcgavren (2)

  • Purely frivolous - print a sine/cosine curve to the console - the width varies as it progresses. Ctrl-C to halt. Show Sample Output

    ruby -e "i=0;loop{puts ' '*(29*(Math.sin(i)/2+1))+'|'*(29*(Math.cos(i)/2+1)); i+=0.1}"
    jaymcgavren · 2010-03-09 06:21:29 1
  • Use Ruby's standard Curses module to display a Lissajous curve in the console. Replace the "0.2" with different numbers for different curves. Show Sample Output

    ruby -rcurses -e"include Curses;i=0;loop{setpos 12*(Math.sin(i)+1),40*(Math.cos(i*0.2)+1);addstr'.';i+=0.01;refresh}"
    jaymcgavren · 2010-03-09 06:10:47 1

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Find the package that installed a command

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