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  • Use awk to sum and print the space used by a group of files. It works well as long as the space used is not bigger than 79094548.80... I found that upper limit when trying to find out what was the total amount of recoverable space from a set of directories: user@servername:/home/user/scripts>for dirName in aleph_bin aleph_sh aleph_work dailycheck INTERFAZ ; do echo "${dirName} = $(cat /tmp/purge_ocfs_dir.*.log | awk '{sum+=$5} END {printf "%4.2f", sum}') "; done aleph_bin = 79094548.80 aleph_sh = 79094548.80 aleph_work = 79094548.80 dailycheck = 79094548.80 INTERFAZ = 79094548.80 In the worst case scenario, the total number might be almost 137G. user@servername:/home/user/scripts>df -h /ocfs/* Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on //argalephfsprod/aleph_bin$ 137G 38G 99G 28% /ocfs/aleph_bin //argalephfsprod/aleph_sh$ 137G 38G 99G 28% /ocfs/aleph_sh //argalephfsprod/aleph_work$ 280G 135G 146G 49% /ocfs/aleph_work //argalephfsprod/dailycheck$ 137G 38G 99G 28% /ocfs/dailycheck //argalephfsprod/INTERFAZ/ 137G 38G 99G 28% /ocfs/INTERFAZ Any suggestion about how to get the correct amount of space for total over 80 Mbytes? Show Sample Output

    ls -lt | awk '{sum+=$5} END {print sum}'
    martinmorono · 2013-07-03 20:12:54 0

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