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    melt dvgrab-010.m2t meta.attr.titles=1 meta.attr.titles.markup=#timecode# -attach data_show dynamic=1
    odaibanet · 2013-05-06 12:36:22 0
  • Grabs video from dv firewire camera, saves it on file and plays it scaled down on ffplayer. Useful to do Google+ Hangouts, and if the internet connection fails, there is still the recorded backup on the computer. "capturefile" is the filename prefix that will be stored on disc.

    dvgrab -t -noavc -nostop -f hdv capturefile - | ffplay -x 640 -y 360
    odaibanet · 2013-04-23 14:40:02 0
  • easy way to setup an "internet radio sation", pre-requisite, create an account at an icecast server, in this example, just created beforehand an account at Change the word password, with the respective real password you created at server. Make sure to have installed rec, oggnec, oggfwd and tee. I have a mixer connected at line in, so I can mix music and microphone. This also will produce a local recorded copy of the session, it will be called "streamdump.ogg" Show Sample Output

    rec -c 2 -r 44100 -s -t wav - | oggenc - | tee streamdump.ogg | oggfwd 8000 password /mountpoint.ogg
    odaibanet · 2010-05-07 12:57:37 0

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