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  • Just a small hack for ruby's environment.rb Show Sample Output

    gem list --local | python -c "import sys;import re;l=sys.stdin.readlines();x=['config.gem :'+line[:-1][:line.index(' ')] + ' , ' +line[:-1][line.index(' '):].replace('(',':version => ').replace(')','') for line in l];print '\n'.join(x)"
    packetloss · 2009-11-25 09:04:29 0
  • put quotes

    gem list --local | python -c "import sys;import re;l=sys.stdin.readlines();x=['config.gem \"'+line[:-1][:line.index(' ')] + '\" , ' +line[:-1][line.index(' '):].replace('(',':version => \"').replace(')','')+'\"' for line in l];print '\n'.join(x)"
    packetloss · 2009-11-25 09:21:20 2
  • Commandline perl filter for, using a production.log from a rails app, display on realtime the count of requests grouped by "seconds to complete" (gross round, but fair enough for an oneliner) :) Show Sample Output

    tail -f production.log | perl -ne 'if (/^\d+)/){$d = int($1/1000);print "\n";$f{$d}++;for $t (sort(keys(%f))){print $t."s: ".$f{$t}."\n"}}'
    theist · 2012-02-23 14:37:33 0

  • 0
    echo "$: << '.'" >> $IRBRC
    emmasteimann · 2012-10-05 16:26:27 0
  • Assumes you are in the branch you want to run the check on. Sub 'develop' for whatever branch you commonly submit PRs to. Show Sample Output

    git rev-parse develop | xargs git diff --name-only | grep -E '^(app|lib|spec).*\.rb' | xargs rubocop -f simple
    vinniefranco · 2015-01-21 08:12:18 0

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check open ports without netstat or lsof

a function to find the fastest DNS server gives a list of online dns servers. you need to change the country in url (br in this url) with your country code. this command need some time to ping all IP in list.

Which processes are listening on a specific port (e.g. port 80)
swap out "80" for your port of interest. Can use port number or named ports e.g. "http"

Get AWS temporary credentials ready to export based on a MFA virtual appliance
You might want to secure your AWS operations requiring to use a MFA token. But then to use API or tools, you need to pass credentials generated with a MFA token. This commands asks you for the MFA code and retrieves these credentials using AWS Cli. To print the exports, you can use: `awk '{ print "export AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID=\"" $1 "\"\n" "export AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY=\"" $2 "\"\n" "export AWS_SESSION_TOKEN=\"" $3 "\"" }'` You must adapt the command line to include: * $MFA_IDis ARN of the virtual MFA or serial number of the physical one * TTL for the credentials

Write and read HDD external
Write and read HDD external FreeBSD

network throughput test
On the machine acting like a server, run: $ iperf -s On the machine acting like a client, run: $ iperf -c where is the ip or hostname of the server.

List contents of tar archive within a compressed 7zip archive
Sometimes it is handy to be able to list contents of a tar file within a compressed archive, such as 7Zip in this instance, without having to extract the archive first. This is especially helpful when dealing with larger sized files.

find text in a file
this will find text in the directory you specify and give you line where it appears.

List your interfaces and MAC addresses
Requires sysfs mounted on /sys - may only be useful for Linux systems. Could also use "printf '%-8s %s\n' $(basename $f) $(cat $f/address)" instead of echo.

List your installed Firefox extensions

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