Check if a machine is online

ping -c 1 -q MACHINE_IP_OR_NAME >/dev/null 2>&1 && echo ONLINE || echo OFFLINE
PING parameters c 1 limits to 1 pinging attempt q makes the command quiet (or silent mode) /dev/null 2>&1 is to remove the display && echo ONLINE is executed if previous command is successful (return value 0) || echo OFFLINE is executed otherwise (return value of 1 if unreachable or 2 if you're offline yourself). I personally use this command as an alias with a predefined machine name but there are at least 2 improvements that may be done. Asking for the machine name or IP Escaping the output so that it displays ONLINE in green and OFFLINE in red (for instance).

By: UnixNeko
2012-02-09 06:30:55

2 Alternatives + Submit Alt

  • I have used single packet, and in a silent mode with no display of ping stats. This is with color and UI improvement to the It is as per the enhancements suggested. Show Sample Output

    echo -n "IP Address or Machine Name: "; read IP; ping -c 1 -q $IP >/dev/null 2>&1 && echo -e "\e[00;32mOnline\e[00m" || echo -e "\e[00;31mOffline\e[00m"
    crlf · 2012-02-09 07:00:03 1
  • export THISOS="`uname -s`" if [ "$THISOS" = "SunOS" ] then export THISRELEASE="`uname -r`" ping1() { ping -s $1 56 1 | egrep "^64"; } elif [ "$THISOS" = "AIX" ] then export THISRELEASE="`uname -v`.`uname -r`" ping1() { ping -w ${2:-1} $1 56 1 | egrep "^64"; } elif [ "$THISOS" = "Linux" ] then export THISRELEASE="`uname -r`" ping1() { ping -c 1 -w ${2:-1} $1 | egrep "^64"; } fi

    ping1 IPaddr_or_hostname
    waibati · 2012-02-09 17:26:32 0

What Others Think

The usage of && and || is wrong! Try: true && false || echo not true It will print "not true" because of command `false'!
uzsolt · 548 weeks ago
This is the improved version. echo -n "IP Address or Machine Name: "; read IP; ping -c 1 -q $IP >/dev/null 2>&1 && echo -e "\e[00;32mOnline\e[00m" || echo -e "\e[00;31mOffline\e[00m"
crlf · 548 weeks ago
You didn't even test this before you posted it, did you? ping -c -q >/dev/null 2>&1 && echo online || echo offline ... results in "offline", despite using which would always be online.
Mozai · 547 weeks and 1 day ago
ah, wait, my test had a typo in it. I typed "-c " instead of "-c 1 "
Mozai · 547 weeks and 1 day ago
@uzsolt Try false && echo true || echo false and true && echo true || echo false
Mozai · 547 weeks and 1 day ago
OK, so it is a fundamental error to believe that if a system does not respond to ICMP echo request then it is not online. The paranoid amongst us (and those who remember "ping-of-death" attacks) disable ICMP echo request acknowledgement.
mpb · 547 weeks ago
crlf : You should upload that updated one ;) uzsolt : I don't think so. ;) Mozai : tested for sure but you already know it. mpb : true, but my command assumes you don't disable echo. Maybe should I have mentioned this.
UnixNeko · 539 weeks and 5 days ago

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