A very quick and slick fork bomb. Handle with care. Don't run on production please...

_(){ _|_&};_

By: xenomuta
2012-08-16 18:16:27

What Others Think

tried this out on a test machine, doesnt do anything
chrismccoy · 562 weeks and 6 days ago
@chrismccoy did you run the function after declaring it?
xenomuta · 562 weeks and 6 days ago
@chrismccoy try running it after declaring it... _(){ _|_&};_
xenomuta · 562 weeks and 6 days ago
ahh forgot that was a function ;)
chrismccoy · 562 weeks and 6 days ago
tats lame
dzup · 562 weeks and 5 days ago
Only useful for testing a watchdog timer.
cbergeron · 227 weeks and 2 days ago
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candymika · 50 weeks ago
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Zachary789 · 10 weeks and 4 days ago
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jnmedshouse22 · 9 weeks and 1 day ago
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gilbertowright · 6 days ago

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