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while true; do printf "\e[32m%X\e[0m" $((RANDOM%2)); for ((i=0; i<$((RANDOM%128)); i++)) do printf " "; done; done
Unlike other alternatives, this command only relies on bash builtins and should also work on windows platforms with the bash executable. Sparseness corresponds to the number 128 and can be adjusted. To print all possible digits instead of only 0 and 1 replace RANDOM%2 by RANDOM%10 or RANDOM%16 to add letters [A-F].
Sample Output
           0                         0              0                    0          0 
         01               0              1       1     00   0                   1      
 1                   0         0         0                 0         1                
0              0 0                       0      0                          0           
     1          1  0             1          1             1                      0     
 1        0         1                            0   0           0                  1   
 1                       0     1 

By: seb1245
2012-11-27 10:40:42

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