Commandline document conversion with Libreoffice

soffice --headless -convert-to odt:"writer8" somefile.docx
In this example, the docx gets converted to Open Document .odt format. For other formats, you'll need to specify the correct filter (Hint: see "Comments" link below for a nice list).

By: mhs
2012-12-27 15:08:38

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### TextDocument bib:"BibTeX_Writer" doc:"MS Word 97" doc:"MS WinWord 6.0" doc:"MS Word 95" xml:"DocBook File" docx:"Office Open XML Text" docx:"MS Word 2007 XML" fodt:"OpenDocument Text Flat XML" html:"HTML (StarWriter)" ltx:"LaTeX_Writer" txt:"MediaWiki" odt:"writer8" xml:"MS Word 2003 XML" ott:"writer8_template" pdb:"AportisDoc Palm DB" pdf:"writer_pdf_Export" psw:"PocketWord File" rtf:"Rich Text Format" sdw:"StarWriter 5.0" sdw:"StarWriter 4.0" sdw:"StarWriter 3.0" stw:"writer_StarOffice_XML_Writer_Template" sxw:"StarOffice XML (Writer)" txt:"Text (encoded)" txt:"Text" uot:"UOF text" vor:"StarWriter 5.0 Vorlage/Template" vor:"StarWriter 4.0 Vorlage/Template" vor:"StarWriter 3.0 Vorlage/Template" html:"XHTML Writer File" ### WebDocument txt:"Text (encoded) (StarWriter/Web)" html:"writer_web_StarOffice_XML_Writer_Web_Template" html:"HTML" html:"writerweb8_writer_template" txt:"MediaWiki_Web" pdf:"writer_web_pdf_Export" sdw:"StarWriter 3.0 (StarWriter/Web)" sdw:"StarWriter 4.0 (StarWriter/Web)" sdw:"StarWriter 5.0 (StarWriter/Web)" txt:"writerweb8_writer" txt:"writer_web_StarOffice_XML_Writer" txt:"Text (StarWriter/Web)" vor:"StarWriter/Web 4.0 Vorlage/Template" vor:"StarWriter/Web 5.0 Vorlage/Template" ### Spreadsheet csv:"Text - txt - csv (StarCalc)" dbf:"dBase" dif:"DIF" fods:"OpenDocument Spreadsheet Flat XML" html:"HTML (StarCalc)" ods:"calc8" xml:"MS Excel 2003 XML" ots:"calc8_template" pdf:"calc_pdf_Export" pxl:"Pocket Excel" sdc:"StarCalc 5.0" sdc:"StarCalc 4.0" sdc:"StarCalc 3.0" slk:"SYLK" stc:"calc_StarOffice_XML_Calc_Template" sxc:"StarOffice XML (Calc)" uos:"UOF spreadsheet" vor:"StarCalc 3.0 Vorlage/Template" vor:"StarCalc 4.0 Vorlage/Template" vor:"StarCalc 5.0 Vorlage/Template" xhtml:"XHTML Calc File" xls:"MS Excel 97" xls:"MS Excel 5.0/95" xls:"MS Excel 95" xlt:"MS Excel 97 Vorlage/Template" xlt:"MS Excel 5.0/95 Vorlage/Template" xlt:"MS Excel 95 Vorlage/Template" ### Graphics bmp:"draw_bmp_Export" emf:"draw_emf_Export" eps:"draw_eps_Export" fodg:"OpenDocument Drawing Flat XML" gif:"draw_gif_Export" html:"draw_html_Export" jpg:"draw_jpg_Export" met:"draw_met_Export" odd:"draw8" otg:"draw8_template" pbm:"draw_pbm_Export" pct:"draw_pct_Export" pdf:"draw_pdf_Export" pgm:"draw_pgm_Export" png:"draw_png_Export" ppm:"draw_ppm_Export" ras:"draw_ras_Export" std:"draw_StarOffice_XML_Draw_Template" svg:"draw_svg_Export" svm:"draw_svm_Export" swf:"draw_flash_Export" sxd:"StarOffice XML (Draw)" sxd:"StarDraw 3.0" sxd:"StarDraw 5.0" sxw:"StarOffice XML (Draw)" tiff:"draw_tif_Export" vor:"StarDraw 5.0 Vorlage" vor:"StarDraw 3.0 Vorlage" wmf:"draw_wmf_Export" xhtml:"XHTML Draw File" xpm:"draw_xpm_Export" ### Presentation bmp:"impress_bmp_Export" emf:"impress_emf_Export" eps:"impress_eps_Export" fodp:"OpenDocument Presentation Flat XML" gif:"impress_gif_Export" html:"impress_html_Export" jpg:"impress_jpg_Export" met:"impress_met_Export" odg:"impress8_draw" odp:"impress8" otp:"impress8_template" pbm:"impress_pbm_Export" pct:"impress_pct_Export" pdf:"impress_pdf_Export" pgm:"impress_pgm_Export" png:"impress_png_Export" potm:"Impress MS PowerPoint 2007 XML Template" pot:"MS PowerPoint 97 Vorlage" ppm:"impress_ppm_Export" pptx:"Impress MS PowerPoint 2007 XML" pps:"MS PowerPoint 97 Autoplay" ppt:"MS PowerPoint 97" pwp:"placeware_Export" ras:"impress_ras_Export" sda:"StarDraw 5.0 (StarImpress)" sdd:"StarImpress 5.0" sdd:"StarDraw 3.0 (StarImpress)" sdd:"StarImpress 4.0" sxd:"impress_StarOffice_XML_Draw" sti:"impress_StarOffice_XML_Impress_Template" svg:"impress_svg_Export" svm:"impress_svm_Export" swf:"impress_flash_Export" sxi:"StarOffice XML (Impress)" tiff:"impress_tif_Export" uop:"UOF presentation" vor:"StarImpress 5.0 Vorlage" vor:"StarDraw 3.0 Vorlage (StarImpress)" vor:"StarImpress 4.0 Vorlage" vor:"StarDraw 5.0 Vorlage (StarImpress)" wmf:"impress_wmf_Export" xml:"XHTML Impress File" xpm:"impress_xpm_Export"
mhs · 490 weeks and 6 days ago
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