Empty a file

> file.txt
For when you want to flush all content from a file without removing it (hat-tip to Marc Kilgus).

By: root
2009-01-26 10:22:31

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What Others Think

Nice one! Some thing in *nix are so simple that you'd never imagine they exist :)
evad · 637 weeks and 6 days ago
cat > file.txt followed by shift+ins allows you to insert your buffer content into file. ^d to finish the process
boombastic · 637 weeks and 2 days ago
A similar useful trick which works with things like sudo and pfexec is "cp /dev/null file.txt"; that way you don't have to switch to another account to empty files which you do not own.
systemj · 636 weeks and 3 days ago
To avert surprises, prepend ":" to perform specified redirections reliably: : > foo FWIW, the (built-in) null command ":" also expands arguments.
laburu · 636 weeks and 2 days ago
laburu can you expand on the reliability issue you're referring to?
pixelbeat · 636 weeks and 2 days ago
This is especially useful with large files that need to be cleared. I've run across a situation where the inodes ran out on the hd because people kept cat'ing /dev/null and redirecting it to file. That method kept the inodes locked.
leprasmurf · 636 weeks and 1 day ago
It should be noted that this is a Bash-ism. This will hang in ZSH and throw an error to STDERR with BSD-CSH.
atoponce · 632 weeks and 6 days ago
Excellent! Just what I was looking for
xenon87 · 631 weeks and 5 days ago
If you've done set -o noclobber the command will need to be: >| file.txt
rtmhal · 630 weeks and 4 days ago
This is not just a is a Bash-ism it works fine on the korn shell too.. tested on ksh/HP-UX.
zlemini · 617 weeks and 1 day ago
Perfect for clearing log files :)
okuehn · 601 weeks and 2 days ago
Useful trick, thanks One more question: if i need to not change the time of the emptied file? How can i do? thanks in advance
bugmenot · 548 weeks and 3 days ago
That is very nice also becouse '>' command preserves the permissions
carlesso · 535 weeks and 4 days ago
Thanks! I used to make it longer with: echo "" > file.txt
ktonga · 469 weeks and 2 days ago
The portability to zsh is because in zsh, the command invoked by "> file.txt" is the null command. When zsh is invoked in sh compatibility mode, the option sh_nullcmd will be automatically set, and the null cmd will be ":". If csh_nullcmd (csh compat mode triggers that), then the null cmd will cause an error. Without a compatibility option, the _default_ null command in zsh is "cat", so "> file.txt" is equivalent to "cat > file.txt" and you'll need to type ctrl-D to get the same effect. Set the shell variable "NULLCMD" to another command to change it. So NULLCMD=: is equivalent to sh_nullcmd and will make the above work. The suggestion from laburu to use ": > file.txt" is good and is the most portable solution, since its behaviour is guaranteed by POSIX rather than being a shell extension.
syscomet · 465 weeks ago
this does *not* work with zsh. It's much better to do ":>file.txt"
j_melis · 451 weeks and 2 days ago
For some reason, all I get using ZSH is "zsh: file exists: log/test.log", using both "> log/test.log" and ":> log/test.log". I haven't figured it out yet.
_who · 208 weeks and 1 day ago
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