SMTP Analysis

tcpdump -l -s0 -w - tcp dst port 25 | strings | grep -i 'MAIL FROM\|RCPT TO'
This works just as well for SMTP. You could run this on your mail server to watch e-mail senders and recipients: tcpdump -l -s0 -w - tcp dst port 25 | strings | grep -i 'MAIL FROM\|RCPT TO'
Sample Output
tcpdump -l -s0 -w - tcp dst port 25 | strings | grep -i 'MAIL FROM\|RCPT TO'

By: ene2002
2013-03-18 18:55:20

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coolastro · 30 weeks and 1 day ago
I have an SMTP analysis assignment due today. So glad that I am able to find this article.
Albquerquehoodz · 27 weeks and 2 days ago

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