find and kill a pid for APP

ps -ef | grep APP | awk '/grep/!{print$2}' | xargs -i kill {}
Probably posted previously, I use this all the time to find and kill a process for "APP". Simply replace "APP" with the name of the process you're looking to kill.

By: hooobs
2009-02-05 16:10:05

What Others Think

kill `pgrep APP`
maht · 595 weeks and 6 days ago
There's also 'pkill', then you can just say "pkill APP"
twopoint718 · 595 weeks and 6 days ago
a handy trick for removing the grep process from the output of a ps command is to put the first letter of the grepped pattern in square brackets... e.g. $ ps -ef | grep [A]PP this removes the need for the third pipeline (your awk)... pkill and pgrep are all useful things, know them... but they are not always available on the 'more established' UNIX variants... learn from this website... it's ace for things like this, paste up your command and get suggestions for improvement.
finkployd · 595 weeks and 6 days ago
More than one way to skin a cat. I also frequently use 'killall APP'
hooobs · 594 weeks and 6 days ago
I give you coding to find and kill a pid for APP. It's never take a long time it is just in short line and you can see this short line and also include in your program to make perfect expert essay writers work. If you don't want to enter it means you haven't need to do anything with it.
jetalonew · 16 weeks and 4 days ago

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