runs a bash script in debugging mode

bash -x ./
Sample Output
bash -x ./ bash -x ./ 
+ COMMAND='bash -x ./'
+ echo 'command is bash -x ./'
command is bash -x ./
+ '[' 'bash -x ./' = '' ']'
++ dirname ./.c
++ basename ./.c
+ find . -name .c -mtime +1 -exec rm '{}' ';'
+ '[' '!' -f ./.c ']'
+ echo -n 'Enter commandlinefu username: '
Enter commandlinefu username: + read USERNAME

+ echo -n 'Enter commandlinefu password: '
Enter commandlinefu password: + read -s PASSWORD
+ echo

+ wget -O - --save-cookies ./.c --keep-session-cookies --post-data 'username=&password=&remember=on&submit=Let me in!'
+ echo -n 'Enter summary (required): '
Enter summary (required): + read SUMMARY
runs a bash script in debugging mode
++ echo runs a bash script in debugging mode
++ cut -c1-154
+ SUMMARY='runs a bash script in debugging mode'
++ echo bash -x ./
++ cut -c1-254
+ COMMAND='bash -x ./'
+ echo 'post-data is command=bash -x ./ a bash script in debugging mode&submit=Save'
post-data is command=bash -x ./ a bash script in debugging mode&submit=Save
+ wget -O - --load-cookies ./.c --post-data 'command=bash -x ./ a bash script in debugging mode&submit=Save&'
+ rm -f browse edit
+ rm -f '*17274*'

By: nottings
2009-02-25 19:10:21

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What Others Think

just running set -x first accomplishes the same thing or, add set -x within your script at the point you want to turn debugging on
nottings · 656 weeks and 4 days ago
Also debugging can be turned on at the top of the script when declaring the shell type: #!/bin/bash -x
hellspawn · 656 weeks and 4 days ago
thanks hellspawn! didn't know that, but it makes sense.
nottings · 656 weeks and 3 days ago
Thanks chaps. Made a lot of people at my place very happy.
mccalni · 654 weeks and 3 days ago
How is it debugging? Does is it just more verbose? It would be cool if there was a "safe-mode" where it blocks all writes to devices.
matthewbauer · 625 weeks and 4 days ago
see for tips for safer, more robust coding
nottings · 566 weeks and 4 days ago
Inside script "set -x" turns on debugging. "set +x" turns off debugging. Bash example: set -x; ls; ps; set +x
0xFF · 439 weeks and 1 day ago

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