Make all the cows tell a fortune

echo 'Dir.foreach("/usr/local/Cellar/cowsay/3.03/share/cows") {|cow| puts cow; system "fortune | cowsay -f /usr/local/Cellar/cowsay/3.03/share/cows/#{cow}" }' | ruby
Shows a list of all installed cows saying a fortune. Also lists the cows names. Pic your favorite cow! Needs cowsay, fortune and ruby installed. The path only applies to OS X with cowsay installed using homebrew. On Linux it might be /usr/share/cowsay/cows/ or similar. Uses ruby just because.
Sample Output
/ One can't proceed from the informal to \
\ the formal by formal means.            /
       |o_o |
       |:_/ |
      //   \ \
     (|     | )
    /'\_   _/`\

/ Living in New York City gives people \
| real incentives to want things that  |
| nobody else wants.                   |
|                                      |
\ -- Andy Warhol                       /
   \    (__)
        o o\
       ('') \---------
          \           \
           |          |\
           ||---(  )_|| *
           ||    UU  ||
           ==        ==

By: orkoden
2013-04-15 12:27:38

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