fsarchiver - probe disks and partitions

fsarchvier probe simple
Another alternative to blkid, lsblk, file -s, cat /proc/paritions, fdisk -l, etc..
Sample Output
[root@localhost ~]# fsarchiver probe simple
[======DISK======] [=============NAME==============] [====SIZE====] [MAJ] [MIN]
[sda             ] [ST12345678AS                   ] [   931.51 GB] [  8] [  0]
[sdb             ] [ST12345679AS                   ] [   931.51 GB] [  8] [ 16]

[=====DEVICE=====] [==FILESYS==] [======LABEL======] [====SIZE====] [MAJ] [MIN] 
[sda1            ] [ext4       ] [boot             ] [   250.00 MB] [  8] [  1] 
[sda2            ] [swap       ] [swap             ] [     9.77 GB] [  8] [  2] 
[sda3            ] [ext4       ] [root             ] [    19.53 GB] [  8] [  3] 
[sda4            ] [ext4       ] [usr              ] [   901.97 GB] [  8] [  4] 
[sdb1            ] [ntfs       ] [two              ] [   931.51 GB] [  8] [ 17] 
[dm-0            ] [ext4       ] [<unknown>        ] [   901.97 GB] [253] [  0] 

7 Alternatives + Submit Alt

  • file(1) can print details about certain devices in the /dev/ directory (block devices in this example). This helped me to know at a glance the location and revision of my bootloader, UUIDs, filesystem status, which partitions were primaries / logicals, etc.. without running several commands. See also: file -s /dev/dm-* file -s /dev/cciss/* etc.. Show Sample Output

    file -s /dev/sd*
    mhs · 2010-12-28 09:56:03 7
  • Shows all block devices in a tree with descruptions of what they are.

    BasketCase · 2012-09-12 15:30:25 2
  • `blkid` is an interface to libuuid - it can read Device Mapper, EVMS, LVM, MD, and regular block devices. -c /dev/null - Do not use cached output from /etc/blkid.tab or /etc/blkid/blkid.tab (RHEL) -i - Display I/O Limits (aka I/O topology) information (not available in RHEL) -p - Low-level superblock probing mode (not available in RHEL) Show Sample Output

    blkid -c /dev/null
    mhs · 2012-09-12 13:34:41 4

  • 0
    sudo file -bs /dev/sda | sed -e 's/.*partition 1\(.*\) code offset.*/partition 1\1/g' -e 's/\(.\);/\1\n/g'
    jlaunay · 2012-08-17 12:54:05 4

  • -1
    diskutil list
    grahamperrin · 2012-10-06 21:18:27 2

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