Run the built in PHP-server in current folder

php -S
You must have PHP 5.4.0 or later to be able to run the built in server. This web server is designed for developmental purposes only, and should not be used in production. URI requests are served from the current working directory where PHP was started, unless the -t option is used to specify an explicit document root. If a URI request does not specify a file, then either index.php or index.html in the given directory are returned. If neither file exists, then a 404 response code is returned. If a PHP file is given on the command line when the web server is started it is treated as a "router" script. The script is run at the start of each HTTP request. If this script returns FALSE, then the requested resource is returned as-is. Otherwise the script's output is returned to the browser. Standard MIME types are returned for files with extensions: .css, .gif, .htm, .html, .jpe, .jpeg, .jpg, .js, .png, .svg, and .txt. The .htm and .svg extensions are recognized from PHP 5.4.4 onwards. More information here:
Sample Output
victor@machine:/Library/WebServer/Documents/almightyBank$ php -S
PHP 5.4.14 Development Server started at Sun May 19 13:20:14 2013
Listening on
Document root is /Library/WebServer/Documents/almightyBank
Press Ctrl-C to quit.

2013-05-19 11:23:17

What Others Think

The command produces this error: Invalid address: The fix: php -S
nabil_kadimi · 442 weeks and 2 days ago
@nabil_kadimi, you're right. In my sample output, I had the right syntax but I missed that in the important field... Fixed it now!
VictorBjelkholm · 442 weeks and 1 day ago
PHP is faster than any other software because it can contain advanced features than any other software. In addition to you can relate PHP with python and other software’s to understand their working.
lysuje · 86 weeks and 5 days ago
On some Unix variants, getcwd () will return FALSE even if there is no parent directory in the current directory that is not set to read or search mode. Source:
Jamestinker · 85 weeks and 5 days ago

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