List wireless clients connected to an access point

wlanconfig <wireless_device> list sta
When the wireless card is in AP mode, list the users which are connected to the network.
Sample Output
b8:76:3f:ce:15:0d    1   11    72M    72M   53      2   2295 20096  EPS             0        f P      RSN WME

2013-06-08 13:46:51

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What Others Think

This command only pertains to the now deprecated Atheros (tm) wireless driver "madwifi" ( It won't work with any modern linux releases.
p0g0 · 472 weeks and 1 day ago
p0g0, I agree with you. But, even though it is deprecated, it is still used by many access points manufacturers out there (actually, I use this command on some wireless access points which just happen to use the madwifi driver, not on regular desktop/server targeted linux distributions). I just forgot to add a note about this to the comment section. Thanks for your comment.
quitaiskiluisf · 472 weeks and 1 day ago
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