Recursively find disk usage, sort, and make human readable (for systems without human-readable sort command)

du -x ${SYMLINKS} -k "$@" | sort -n | tail -100 | awk 'BEGIN { logx = log(1024); size[0]= "KB"; size[1]= "MB"; size[2]= "GB"; size[3]= "TB" } { x = $1; $1 = ""; v = int(log(x)/logx); printf ("%8.3f %s\t%s\n",x/(1024^v), size[v], $0) }'
Recursively find disk usage, sort, and make human readable: * For systems without human-readable sort command * awk, not perl
Sample Output
   3.148 MB	 ./arch/cris/include
   3.426 MB	 ./arch/cris
   3.539 MB	 ./arch/blackfin
   4.539 MB	 ./arch/mips/include/asm
   4.543 MB	 ./arch/mips/include
   5.398 MB	 ./arch/mips
   9.543 MB	 ./drivers
  11.230 MB	 ./arch/arm
  13.852 MB	 ./include/linux
  21.820 MB	 ./include
  46.758 MB	 ./arch
  84.902 MB	 .

By: dpanofsky
2015-08-27 23:16:25

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