iso-8859-1 to utf-8 safe recursive rename

detox -r -s utf_8 /path/to/old/win/files/dir
This command is a powerful "detoxifier" that eliminates special chars, spaces and all those little chars we don't like. It support several "sequences" so be sure to check your /usr/local/etc/detoxrc while at it... and maybe define your own
Sample Output
detox -r -v -n -s utf_8 /media/archivo/audio/music/selections/
Scanning: /media/archivo/audio/music/selections/
/media/archivo/audio/music/selections//2008 indie -> /media/archivo/audio/music/selections//2008_indie
/media/archivo/audio/music/selections//2008 indie/emily_haines_&_the_soft_skeleton-the_lottery.mp3 -> /media/archivo/audio/music/selections//2008 indie/emily_haines_and_the_soft_skeleton-the_lottery.mp3
/media/archivo/audio/music/selections//2008 indie/boat-(im_a)_donkey_for_your_love.mp3 -> /media/archivo/audio/music/selections//2008 indie/boat-im_a-donkey_for_your_love.mp3
/media/archivo/audio/music/selections//2008 indie/say_hi_(to_your_mom)-northwestern_girls.mp3 -> /media/archivo/audio/music/selections//2008 indie/say_hi-to_your_mom-northwestern_girls.mp3
/media/archivo/audio/music/selections//2008 indie/the__duke__spirit-send_a_little_love_token.mp3 -> /media/archivo/audio/music/selections//2008 indie/the_duke_spirit-send_a_little_love_token.mp3
/media/archivo/audio/music/selections//2008 indie/john_vanderslice-exodus_damage_(remix).mp3 -> /media/archivo/audio/music/selections//2008 indie/john_vanderslice-exodus_damage-remix-.mp3
/media/archivo/audio/music/selections//2008 indie/butch_walker_and_the_lets_go_out_tonites-bethamphetamine_(pretty_pretty).mp3 -> /media/archivo/audio/music/selections//2008 indie/butch_walker_and_the_lets_go_out_tonites-bethamphetamine-pretty_pretty-.mp3
/media/archivo/audio/music/selections//2008 indie/los_campesinos-dont_tell_me_to_do_the_math(s).mp3 -> /media/archivo/audio/music/selections//2008 indie/los_campesinos-dont_tell_me_to_do_the_math-s-.mp3
/media/archivo/audio/music/selections//2008 prior to -> /media/archivo/audio/music/selections//2008_prior_to

By: renich
2009-03-16 07:50:36

2 Alternatives + Submit Alt

  • Nothing advanced, it just finds filenames that are stored with ISO-8859-1 characters and and converts those into UTF-8. Recommended to use without the --notest flag first so you can see what will be changed.

    convmv -r -f ISO-8859-1 -t UTF-8 --notest *
    jsiei97 · 2009-08-17 18:23:19 0
  • Warn: use convmv or detox if you can: they are the right tools. But if you want to do it manually, you can use this command to find the problematic files and transliterate their accented characters to their ascii equivalent. (Useful when doing cd backup: growisofs may fail on files which come from the old iso8859-* days.)

    LANG=fr_FR.iso8859-1 find . -name '*['$'\xe9'$'\xea'$'\xeb'$'\xc9'']*'|while read f; do a="$(echo $f|iconv -f iso8859-1 -t ascii//TRANSLIT)"; echo "move $f => $a"; done
    gibboris · 2011-04-06 17:03:31 0

What Others Think

@renich Thanks! (I love how command-line fu brings out all these uber-useful commands :-)
mpb · 687 weeks and 2 days ago
Under debian/ubuntu, this command is available after installing the 'detox' package.
bwoodacre · 687 weeks and 1 day ago
On Fedora, you have to compile it... Hope to maintain this rpm someday... when I learn how.
renich · 687 weeks ago

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