OS X application launcher with fuzzy search

find /Applications -name "*.app" -maxdepth 2 | fzf --exit-0 | open
Brings ups fzf with a list of Applications, then opens the selection. Requires fzf: https://github.com/junegunn/fzf

2015-10-31 19:02:30

What Others Think

You're missing `xargs` before `open`. What's the point of `--exit-0`? Doesn't it just make `fzf` exit immediately when the input is empty, which should never happen in this case? You could also do something like this: printf %s\\n /Applications/{*.app,*/*.app}|sed 's,.*/,,;s,\.app$,,'|fzf|tr \\n \\0|xargs -0 open -a If your `xargs` is GNU `xargs`, add the `-r` option to not run the command once when the input is empty (which is the default behavior in OS X's `xargs` which does not have the `-r` option). Also your command results in this warning when using GNU `find`: find: warning: you have specified the -maxdepth option after a non-option argument -name, but options are not positional (-maxdepth affects tests specified before it as well as those specified after it). Please specify options before other arguments.
lri · 143 weeks ago
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