Show a git log with offsets relative to HEAD

git log | nl -w9 -v0 --body-numbering='pcommit\ [0-9a-f]\{40\}' | sed 's/^ \+\([0-9]\+\)\s\+/HEAD~\1 /'
This is how you can do this without having to use oneline
Sample Output
HEAD~0 commit aa22191093e5becfa8167e4961b617f15a81894a
          Merge: 9687008 3aa70c1
          Author: David Calavera <>
          Date:   Mon Nov 23 12:43:04 2015 -0800
              Merge pull request #17356 from HuKeping/warn-on-oom
              Warning out when disalbe oom killer but not set the memory limit
HEAD~1 commit 968700837890c2a5d1dc41aa871f3c94aca07640
          Merge: 05d1a5a 6f6f10a
          Author: Alexander Morozov <>
          Date:   Mon Nov 23 10:38:45 2015 -0800
              Merge pull request #18104 from hypriot/17802-remove-journald-to-fix-dynbinary-build-on-ARM
              remove journald to fix dynbinary build on ARM
HEAD~2 commit 05d1a5aed6ba27ba5f03ba798beb4fb4f11de9e2
          Merge: 804d2f7 ca94adc
          Author: Tianon Gravi <>
          Date:   Mon Nov 23 10:35:15 2015 -0800
              Merge pull request #18152 from rgl/master
              mkimage-arch: remove the test container after run
HEAD~3 commit 804d2f73c8996600b3d57c69267c3131da2d3b37
          Merge: 86377e5 463c53c
          Author: Alexander Morozov <>
          Date:   Mon Nov 23 10:21:52 2015 -0800
              Merge pull request #18080 from aditirajagopal/16756-docker_api_images_test
              Checkers on integration-cli/docker_api_images_test
HEAD~4 commit 86377e541db6acb8a3a175b9e4805e5a08792e0d
          Merge: 097bc48 bb50f25
          Author: Sebastiaan van Stijn <>
          Date:   Mon Nov 23 18:42:38 2015 +0100
              Merge pull request #18157 from Djelibeybi/master

2015-11-23 21:53:33

2 Alternatives + Submit Alt

  • Print a git log (in reverse order) giving a reference relative to HEAD. HEAD (the current revision) can also be referred to as HEAD~0 The previous revision is HEAD~1 then HEAD~2 etc. . Add line numbers to the git output, starting at zero: ... | nl -v0 | ... . Insert the string 'HEAD~' before the number using sed: ... | sed 's/^ \+/&HEAD~/' . Thanks to bartonski for the idea :-) Show Sample Output

    git log --oneline | nl -v0 | sed 's/^ \+/&HEAD~/'
    flatcap · 2015-11-23 21:35:57 0

  • 1
    o=0; git log --oneline | while read l; do printf "%+9s %s\n" "HEAD~${o}" "$l"; o=$(($o+1)); done | less
    bartonski · 2015-11-23 17:47:16 0

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