Git reset added new files

for f in `git status | grep new | awk '{print $3}'`; do git reset HEAD $f ; done

2015-12-16 22:24:34

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  • 1. No for-loop, but xargs. 2. Append "--" in git-reset HEAD command to deal with filenames contained leading hyphen/minus sign (-). 3. Add "--porcelain" option in git-status command for easy-to-parse format when scripting. 4. Add "--no-run-if-empty" option in xargs command to prevent you run it twice and accidentally reset all staged changes. 5. Use zero byte (NUL character) as line terminator instead of newline (\n) to make it more robust to deal with filename with whitespaces. pipe#1: git-status. pipe#2: Use "grep" to filter out "non-added" files. pipe#3: use "sed" to Trim out the leading three characters, reserve the filename. pipe#4: xargs + git-reset... p.s. The "HEAD" in git-reset can be omitted . And, maybe, the third part of this shell pipe (sed) has potential to be enhanced.

    git status --porcelain -z | grep -zZ '^A[ MD] ' | sed -z 's/^...//' | xargs -0 --no-run-if-empty git reset HEAD --
    goldie · 2016-01-24 16:20:08 0

What Others Think

Hmm... I see a few problems with this. First, you're using loop when git reset will happily take a list (best to add them after "--" too). Also, $(command) is better than `command` -- it can be nested for one. This is better: git reset HEAD -- $(git status | grep new | awk '{print $3}') . Next, you can combine grep and awk: git reset HEAD -- $(git status | awk '/new/{print $3}') . Finally, I'd suggest changing the search to "new file:" to avoid any problems with existing filenames containing "new". git reset HEAD -- $(git status | awk '/new file:/{print $3}') . Neither your command, nor mine, handle whitespace in filenames, but that's not trivial to fix. Another day, perhaps.
flatcap · 305 weeks and 1 day ago
Please stop using backticks! Please stop using output with a for loop! My instinct is always to use xargs or parallel (or xargs -P; often with find -print0) before using a for loop: git status | fgrep 'new file:' | awk '{ print $3}' | xargs git reset HEAD --
Tatsh · 305 weeks ago
This gives all files with spaces preserved I added a " *" after "new file:", but I do not know how to handle spaces in the start of file names. git status|sed 's/ file://;t;d'
miniker84 · 304 weeks and 2 days ago
forgot ^ git status|sed 's/^ file://;t;d'
miniker84 · 304 weeks and 2 days ago
took me time to read the forum but its actually great. People should know about this more.
Killersmile · 29 weeks and 2 days ago

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