total percentage of memory use for all processes with a given name

ps -eo pmem,comm | grep chrome | cut -d " " -f 2 | paste -sd+ | bc

By: peter1337
2016-01-24 20:45:04

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  • This command will add up RAM usage of all processes whose name contains "java" and output the sum of percentages in HRF. Also, unlike the original #15430, it wont fail on processes with a usage of >9.9%. Pleases note that this command wont work reliably in use cases where a significant portion of processes involved are using less than 0.1% of RAM, because they will be counted as "0", even though a great number of them could add up to significant amounts. Show Sample Output

    ps -eo pmem,comm | grep java | awk '{sum+=$1} END {print sum " % of RAM"}'
    bugmenot · 2016-02-10 09:00:56 0

What Others Think

What about specifying the process to grep from standard input? grep "$1" should work, but one of the other piped command doesn't like it. Also, I've added the following after the bc pipe to give you a percent sign and some explanatory text: sed 's/$/% of RAM used/'
sophiejane · 295 weeks and 1 day ago
This command sequence will fail once one of the processes listed occupies more than 9.9% of available ram because the formatting will cause the cut sequence to break. So, you better put aewk to the task: ps -eo pmem,comm | grep java | awk '{ sum+=$1} END {print sum}'
bugmenot · 293 weeks and 1 day ago
Or, including xiaozhengm's suggestion: ps -eo pmem,comm | grep java | awk '{ sum+=$1} END {print sum " of RAM used"}'
bugmenot · 293 weeks and 1 day ago
took me time to read the forum but its actually great. People should know about this more.
Killersmile · 25 weeks and 2 days ago

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