Synchronise a file from a remote server

rsync -av -e ssh [email protected]:/path/to/file.txt .
You will be prompted for a password unless you have your public keys set-up.

By: root
2009-01-26 13:39:24

What Others Think

FWIW, archive mode attempts to preserve owner and group, which can fail when not running as super-user, and - inexplicably - respects devices (how thoughtful) but not symlinks; most of the time, this is not what I want. To preserve symlinks but not ownership, I pull using rsync -rptlv -e ssh [email protected]:remote-path local-path (new files belong to the local user) and push using rsync -rptlv -e ssh local-path [email protected]:remote-path (new files belong to the remote user).
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