Random line from bash.org (funny IRC quotes)

curl -s http://bash.org/?random1|grep -oE "<p class=\"quote\">.*</p>.*</p>"|grep -oE "<p class=\"qt.*?</p>"|sed -e 's/<\/p>/\n/g' -e 's/<p class=\"qt\">//g' -e 's/<p class=\"qt\">//g'|perl -ne 'use HTML::Entities;print decode_entities($_),"\n"'|head -1
bash.org is a collection of funny quotes from IRC. WARNING: some of the quotes contain "adult" jokes... may be embarrassing if your boss sees them... Thanks to Chen for the idea and initial version! This script downloads a page with random quotes, filters the html to retrieve just one liners quotes and outputs the first one. Just barely under the required 255 chars :) Improvment: You can replace the head -1 at the end by: awk 'length($0)>0 {printf( $0 "\n%%\n" )}' > bash_quotes.txt which will separate the quotes with a "%" and place it in the file. and then: strfile bash_quotes.txt which will make the file ready for the fortune command and then you can: fortune bash_quotes.txt which will give you a random quote from those in the downloaded file. I download a file periodically and then use the fortune in .bashrc so I see a funny quote every time I open a terminal.
Sample Output
<Lev> have you SEEN the people who wear the I LOVE LINUX T-shirts....that does more damage to the OS than a billion microsoft blue-screens

By: Iftah
2009-05-07 13:13:21

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  • Turns out smacie.com has a text file containing every single one of the borat quotes, each one on a newline. This makes it very convenient, as this can be done without any sed-parsing, and uses less bandwitdth! Note that borate quotes are quite offensive, much more so than "fortunes-off"! Show Sample Output

    curl -s "http://smacie.com/randomizer/borat.txt" | shuf -n 1 -
    benjabean1 · 2014-12-16 04:18:48 0
  • I improved a bit on the original by only using sed and extracting the quote with a matching group. Use -nE for sed on Mac OSX Use -nr for sed on Linux. Warning! The quotes from Borat are definitely offensive. Show Sample Output

    curl -s http://smacie.com/randomizer/borat.html | sed -nE "s# *<td valign=\"top\"><big><big><big><font face=\"Comic Sans MS\">(.*)</font></big></big></big></td>#\1#p"
    phymata · 2012-07-18 21:31:43 0

What Others Think

Well done... hopefully will make me funny doing some serious stuff :D LOL
bassu · 686 weeks ago
Btw, there is a syntax error in $awk 'length($0)>0 {printf( $0 "\n%%\n" )}') > bash_quotes.txt it should be: awk 'length($0)>0 {printf( $0 "\n%%\n" )}' > bash_quotes.txt happy kidding bash ;)
bassu · 686 weeks ago
With lynx -dump all the html code is erased from your input. I thin it's easier. Then you have to deal with paragraphs, a paragraph is a line with just spaces : sed "s/ *$//" Then your select some paragraphs with a pattern, /girl/ for instance. links -dump http://bash.org/?random1 \ | sed 's/ *$//' \ | sed -e '/./{H;$!d;}' -e 'x;/girl/!d;' But I cannot print paragraph number one or N, maybe with XML tools ?
flux · 685 weeks and 6 days ago
[code]links -dump http://bash.org/\?random1 | sed 's/\#.*/%/' | sed '1,/Add Quote \/ ModApp \/ Search /d' | sed '/Home \/ Latest /,$d' | sed 's/^ *//' >> bashorg.fortune[/code] make it a loop and there you start building your fortune
talkiwalki · 685 weeks and 5 days ago
oops, sorry links -dump http://bash.org/\?random1 | sed 's/\#.*/%/' | sed '1,/Add Quote \/ ModApp \/ Search /d' | sed '/Home \/ Latest /,$d' | sed 's/^ *//' >> bashorg.fortune
talkiwalki · 685 weeks and 5 days ago
Pipe it through cowsay! :) Thanks for this!
TheShadowFog · 555 weeks and 2 days ago

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