Ultra shortcut for ssh [email protected]

alias s='ssh -l root'
When you have to manage lot of servers, it's boring to type ssh [email protected] for each connection. Now you can type juste "s someting" and you are connected. You can too add bash_completion script to complet with tab the name of your servers. This will be the next tips from me ;)
Sample Output
[email protected]:~$ s myhost
Last login: Mon May  4 15:16:18 2009 from
[[email protected] ~]#

By: GouNiNi
2009-05-07 15:57:12

What Others Think

You should setup your servers in the ~/.ssh/config file. You can make it so that every time you type "ssh yourhost" the default user name is root. You can create custom defaults for each host, and you can change anything you can set on the command line normally and then some.
rhythmx · 598 weeks and 5 days ago
You should not be sshing as root, anyway, not to mention the trivial, obvious command.
ozymandias · 598 weeks and 5 days ago
no need more alias
servermanaged · 598 weeks and 5 days ago
When at all possible, logging in as root should be disabled. It's the first account attempted when something is trying to break in. SSH in with your normal user name and su once you're in.
qubyte · 598 weeks and 5 days ago
Very useful shortcut to run remote commands. For instance, to clone a windows host with SystemRescueCD, I use this one : # alias onfoo='ssh [email protected]' # onfoo "dd if=/dev/sda bs=1 count=512" | dd of=/dev/sda # onfoo "sfdisk -d /dev/sda" | sfdisk /dev/sda # onfoo "ntfsclone -s /dev/sda1 -o - | gzip" | gunzip | ntfsclone -r -O /dev/sda1 -
flux · 598 weeks and 4 days ago
Other way I do, but with a function and zsh: sshs=( host.1 host.2 host.3 host.4 host.5 host.6 ) zstyle ':completion:*:*:ssh:*' hosts $sshs With that you use tab once to show a list of available host to connect, then you can move using tab again or arrow keys to move through all hosts and select the one you want.
nrn · 552 weeks and 4 days ago

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