Manually Pause/Unpause Firefox Process with POSIX-Signals

killall -STOP -m firefox
Continue with: killall -CONT -m firefox Suspends all Firefox Threads. Results in Zero CPU load. Useful when having 100+ Tabs open and you temporarily need the power elsewhere. Be careful - might produce RACE CONDITIONS or LOCKUPS in other processes or FF itself. matching is case sensitive.

What Others Think

Interesting. Alternatively, exit Firefox and reduce the number of tabs rather than pausing then continuing to use more. :-)
mpb · 660 weeks and 5 days ago
My Firefox suffers from incurable chronic tabitis. :( But I hear task-based navigation is just around the corner :)
Schneckentreiber · 658 weeks and 5 days ago
My recent Jaunty is not allowing -m option. However following worked, nice command killall -STOP firefox killall -CONT firefox
tejparkash · 656 weeks and 6 days ago
This is great. Do you know how to do this in Windows?
mawriz · 631 weeks and 3 days ago
In fact I do know how to do it in Windows albeit not with onboard tools. Get pssuspend from the "Sysinternals Suite" at MS. Then put it into your PATH by going to the System Settings. ([Win]+[Pause]->Advanced->Environment Variables) Edit PATH, append ";c:\path\to\pssuspend.exe" without the quotes or try this: Open a commandline window ([Win]+[R] cmd [Enter]) PATH %PATH%;c:\path\to\pssuspend.exe which is reset on reboot, or if you have the "setx" program also from MS: setx PATH %PATH%;c:\path\to\pssuspend.exe now you can do the following from the cmdline: pssuspend.exe firefox.exe[Enter] pssuspend.exe -r firefox.exe[Enter] this should do it. The above warning concerning Lockups is even more relevant to the windows environment, as the only way to suspend a whole process is to walk all the threads and hold them individually is more risky than holding the process all at once. This is because on Windows there is no atomic operation to do this. There also is "pausep" out there which i haven't tested but should basically do the same.
Schneckentreiber · 631 weeks and 3 days ago
Worked for me with chromium browser, which creates multiple processes, with dozens of open tabs: killall -STOP chromium killall -CONT chromium (-m is not available for me either)
alfplayer · 568 weeks and 5 days ago

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