List sub dir, sort by size, the biggest at the end, with human presentation

du --max-depth=1 -x -k | sort -n | awk 'function human(x) { s="KMGTEPYZ"; while (x>=1000 && length(s)>1) {x/=1024; s=substr(s,2)} return int(x+0.5) substr(s,1,1)"iB" } {gsub(/^[0-9]+/, human($1)); print}'
i'm using -x : -x, --one-file-system skip directories on different file systems so mounts points aren't walked trough
Sample Output
0KiB	./dev
0KiB	./proc
0KiB	./sys
4KiB	./media
4KiB	./mnt
4KiB	./selinux
4KiB	./srv
6KiB	./boot
12KiB	./run
16KiB	./lost+found
48KiB	./tmp
56KiB	./home
792KiB	./opt
852KiB	./root
6MiB	./bin
16MiB	./sbin
22MiB	./lib64
30MiB	./etc
554MiB	./var
633MiB	./lib
1GiB	./usr
2GiB	.

By: bunam
2018-01-24 21:33:27

What Others Think

You might be overthinking this. du --max-depth=1 -xh | sort -h
pdxdoughnut · 138 weeks and 5 days ago
sort: invalid option -- h Try `sort --help' for more information. du: illegal option -- - usage: du [-H | -L | -P] [-a | -s | -d depth] [-c] [-h | -k | -m | -g] [-x] [-I mask] [file ...] on some system sort didn't have -h
bunam · 138 weeks and 4 days ago
Actually, it seems even easier to do: du -sh * | sort -h However, the -h param for 'sort' is not recognized on MacOS. The easiest solution here is to install gnu sort (gsort) with HomeBrew for Mac.
Wrecklass · 137 weeks and 2 days ago
Here is a memorizable alternative! ` ls -ltrapR `
K33st · 131 weeks ago

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