Save an HTML page, and covert it to a .pdf file

wget $URL | htmldoc --webpage -f "$URL".pdf - ; xpdf "$URL".pdf &
Uses htmldoc to perform the conversion

By: darth10
2009-06-07 23:49:22

What Others Think

check out my blog for a better way to do it :P
darth10 · 651 weeks and 1 day ago
and what is the address to your blog?
bwoodacre · 651 weeks ago
GET "$1" |htmldoc --webpage -f "$1".pdf - or curl -q# "$1" |htmldoc --webpage -f "$1".pdf - or links -source -width 120 "$1" |htmldoc --webpage -f "$1".pdf - or lynx -source -width=120 "$1" |htmldoc --webpage -f "$1".pdf - or wget -qO- "$1" |htmldoc --webpage -f "$1".pdf -
bashiere · 650 weeks and 6 days ago
darth10 · 650 weeks and 6 days ago
r u sure about GET "$1" |htmldoc --webpage -f "$1".pdf - ..? i tried it and its not working... doesn't seem to pipe it...
darth10 · 650 weeks and 6 days ago
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MaryKlein · 83 weeks and 4 days ago
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kellyrise · 60 weeks ago

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