Benchmark SQL Query

perf stat -r 10 sh -c "mysql > /dev/null < query.sql"
Benchmark a SQL query against MySQL Server. The example runs the query 10 times, and you get the average runtime in the output. To ensure that the query does not get cached, use `RESET QUERY CACHE;` on top in the query file.
Sample Output
          8.244790      task-clock:u (msec)       #    0.033 CPUs utilized            ( +-  1.98% )
                 0      context-switches:u        #    0.000 K/sec                  
                 0      cpu-migrations:u          #    0.000 K/sec                  
               577      page-faults:u             #    0.070 M/sec                    ( +-  0.18% )
         8,363,454      cycles:u                  #    1.014 GHz                      ( +-  1.43% )
         8,053,164      stalled-cycles-frontend:u #   96.29% frontend cycles idle     ( +-  2.43% )
        12,952,085      instructions:u            #    1.55  insn per cycle         
                                                  #    0.62  stalled cycles per insn  ( +-  0.55% )
         2,835,964      branches:u                #  343.970 M/sec                    ( +-  0.73% )
            75,586      branch-misses:u           #    2.67% of all branches          ( +-  4.21% )

       0.247575641 seconds time elapsed                                          ( +- 28.79% )

2018-05-03 12:20:03

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