Fast portscanner via Parallel

parallel -j200% -n1 -a textfile-with-hosts.txt nc -vz {} ::: 22

By: wuziduzi
2019-08-25 02:59:14

What Others Think

Mines much faster, but the setup time is longer. (Pings my 40 hosts in about 4 seconds on average) Initial file- #!/bin/bash target=$1 count=$( timeout 0.2 ping -c 1 $target | grep icmp | grep bytes | wc -l ) if [ $count -eq 0 ] then echo -e "\e[1;91m Host is not Alive! Try again later..\e[0m" else echo -e "\e[1;91m IS Alive \e[0m" fi Secondary File with all the hosts you would want to ping. echo "Identity" &&./[Name_Your_Script].sh 0.0.0.IP_Address
Triarii · 125 weeks ago
really learned alot here thanks. but this one is abit outdated. are there any recent updates with
looneyhans · 60 weeks and 2 days ago
cabinets idaho falls Whoaaaaaaaa. Informative! Love it!
yeoyeo · 54 weeks ago
thank you for this! really appreciate you doing this jet
sammm · 50 weeks and 6 days ago
The port is covert because the tool must wait for each request to clock out before closing it, which might take a few seconds apiece. To counteract this, the SolarWinds Port Scanner employs multithreading, scanning several ports and/or IP addresses simultaneously.
JustinSmith · 19 weeks and 6 days ago

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