edit, view or execute last modified file with a single key-press

f() { ls -lart;e="ls -tarp|grep -v /|tail -9";j=${e/9/1};g=${e/9/9|nl -nln};h=$(eval $j);eval $g;read -p "e|x|v|1..9 $(eval $j)?" -n 1 -r;case $REPLY in e) joe $h;;v)cat $h;;x) eval $h;;[1-9]) s=$(eval $g|egrep ^$REPLY) && touch "${s:7}" && f;;esac ; }
Copy this function to command line, press 'Enter' 'f'' 'Enter' to execute (sentence on the left written only for newbies). Hint 'e|x|v|1..9' in front of displayed last modified file name means: "Press 'e' for edit,'x' for execute,'v' for view or a digit-key '1..9' to touch one file from the recent files list to be last modified" and suggested (hidden files are listed too, else remove 'a' from 'ls -tarp' statement if not intended). If you find this function useful you can then rename it if needed and append or include into your ~/.bashrc config script. With the command . ~/.bashrc the function then can be made immediately available. In the body of the function modifications can be made, i.e. replaced joe editor command or added new option into case statement, for example 'o) exo-open $h;;' command for opening file with default application - or something else (here could not be added since the function would exceed 255 chars). To cancel execution of function started is no need to press Ctrl-C - if the mind changed and want to leave simple Enter-press is enough. Once defined, this function can with typeset -f f command be displayed in easy readable form
Sample Output
knoppix5@kanta:~/SKRIPTE$ f
1       rdiff_backup_to_sda3.txt
2       arrange_windows_simple_from_xfce_panel.txt
3       .config.sh
4       arrange_windows.txt
5       read1.sh
6       read3.sh
7       lsb.sh
8       board9.pgn
9       read4.sh
e|x|v|1..9 read4.sh?

By: knoppix5
2019-09-26 11:58:37

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