Convert tab separate file (TSV) to JSON with jq

cat input.tsv | jq --raw-input --slurp 'split("\n") | map(split("\t")) | .[0:-1] | map( { "id": .[0], "ip": .[1] } )'
With this command you can convert a tab separate file (TSV) into a JSON file with jq. For example, this input.tsv i-0b9adca882e5e6326 i-088dd69e5c3624888 i-0e70eac180537d4aa will produce the showed output.
Sample Output
    "id": "i-0b9adca882e5e6326",
    "ip": ""
    "id": "i-088dd69e5c3624888",
    "ip": ""
    "id": "i-0e70eac180537d4aa",
    "ip": ""

By: nordri
2019-10-01 10:52:35

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