Realtime lines per second in a log file, with history

tail -f access.log | pv -l -i10 -r -f 2>&1 >/dev/null | tr /\\r \ \\n
This is similar to standard `pv`, but it retains the rate history instead of only showing the current rate. This is useful for spotting changes. To do this, -f is used to force pv to output, and stderr is redirected to stdout so that `tr` can swap the carriage returns for new lines. (doesn't work correctly is in zsh for some reason. Tail's output isn't redirected to /dev/null like it is in bash. anyone know why? ???????)
Sample Output
[2.00  s]
[2.00  s]
[4.20  s]
[20.4  s]
[8.20  s]
[11.6  s]
[2.02  s]
[13.9  s]
[7.19  s]
[5.00  s]
[2.00  s]
[16.4  s]
[10.8  s]

By: varenc
2020-04-19 02:07:40

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