Generates a TV noise alike output in the terminal

while true;do printf "$(awk -v c="$(tput cols)" -v s="$RANDOM" 'BEGIN{srand(s);while(--c>=0){printf("\xe2\x96\\%s",sprintf("%o",150+int(10*rand())));}}')";done
Generates a TV noise alike output in the terminal. Can be combined with

By: ichbins
2020-05-08 09:55:36

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nano <name of file> Copy & paste the following into said file: play -q -n synth pinknoise & while true;do printf "$(awk -v c="$(tput cols)" -v s="$RANDOM" 'BEGIN{srand(s);while(--c>=0){printf("\xe2\x96\\%s",sprintf("%o",150+int(10*rand())));}}')";done Afterwards, chmod +x <name of file> Lastly: ./<name of FILE>
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