Uniquely (sort of) color text so you can see changes

function colorify() { n=$(bc <<< "$(echo ${1}|od -An -vtu1 -w100000000|tr -d ' ') % 7"); echo -e "\e[3${n}m${1}\e[0m"; }
Colorify colors input by converting the text to a number and then performing modulo 7 on it. This resulting number is used as the color escape code. This can be used to color the results of commands with complex outputs (like "482279054165371") so if any of the digits change, there's a good chance the color will change too. I say good chance because there's only 7 unique colors here, so assuming you were watching random numbers, there would be a 6/7 chance that the color would change when the number changed. This should really only be used to help quickly identify when things change, but should not be the only thing relied upon to positively assert that an output has not changed.
Sample Output
$ colorify test
test (shows as orange)
$ colorify test2
test2 (shows as purple)

By: tyzbit
2020-08-06 15:17:45

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