Compute newest kernel version from Makefile on Torvalds' git repository

wget -qO - | head -n5 | grep -E '\ \=\ [0-9]{1,}' | cut -d' ' -f3 | tr '\n' '.' | sed -e "s/\.$//"
Get newest kernel version by parsing the most bleeding-edge Makefile possible. Useful for doing things like writing live ebuilds and/or self-updating PKGBUILDs for testing purposes. Breakdown: * wget -qO - — retrieve Makefile and pipe to stdout * head -n5 — only the first 5 lines are relevant, that's where all the version variables are grep -E '\ \=\ [0-9]{1,}' — version variables always have an equals sign followed by a number * cut -d' ' -f3 — extract the individual numbers from the version variables * tr '\n' '.' — replace newlines with periods * sed -e "s/\.$// — remove trailing period
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