Smiley Face Bash Prompt

PS1="\`if [ \$? = 0 ]; then echo \e[33\;40m\\\^\\\_\\\^\e[0m; else echo \e[36\;40m\\\-\e[0m\\\_\e[36\;40m\\\-\e[0m; fi\` \u \w:\h)"
If your last command was a dud, your bash prompt will be angry at you. Otherwise it's happy. Soon you will crave its constant approval and your linux skills will improve simply to avoid low self-esteem.
Sample Output
^_^ # true
^_^ # false
-_- #

2009-06-30 14:29:55

What Others Think

haha! love it!
nottings · 591 weeks ago
Very good. Is not for men?
point_to_null · 591 weeks ago
a bit emo, but very amusing!
irae · 591 weeks ago
it is a very fun command. However, the open colors screw with the ability of (at least gnome-terminal) wrapping text to the next line. Be sure to open and close around each color set to fix this. example: \[\e[36\;40m\]. and when setting back to defaults, leave the semicolon outside. example: \[\e[0m\];
random_bob · 590 weeks and 5 days ago
Thanks. Now, my prompt has officially been rendered unreadable ;-) PS1="\[\033[0;33m\]\[email protected]\h\[\033[0m\]:\[\033[0;36m\]\A\[\033[0m\]:\`if [ \$? = 0 ]; then echo \e[33\;40m\\\^\\\_\\\^\e[0m; else echo \e[36\;40m\\\-\e[0m\\\_\e[36\;40m\\\-\e[0m; fi\`:\[\033[1;34m\]\w\[\033[0m\]>\[\033[0m\] "
Alanceil · 590 weeks and 5 days ago
"Edit": Cleaned up edition with less escapes and a transparent background for the smiley (instead of black): PS1="\033[0;32m\[email protected]\h\033[0m:\033[0;36m\A\033[0m:\`if [ \$? = 0 ]; then echo '\033[1;30m^_^\033[0m'; else echo '\033[0;33m>_>\033[0m' ; fi\`:\033[1;34m\w\033[0m>\033[0m "
Alanceil · 590 weeks and 5 days ago
I went along the same lines, but closed the color codes; PS1="\`if [ \$? = 0 ]; then echo \[\e[34m\]^_^\[\e[0m\]; else echo \[\e[31m\]O_O\[\e[0m\]; fi\`[\[email protected]\h:\w]\\$ " this way it handles text wrap for long commands (like this one)
random_bob · 590 weeks and 1 day ago
Here are some more advanced prompts:
AskApache · 213 weeks and 2 days ago
Can't get it. Just want to know the Best NFL players to pick for fantasy football
paultribbiani · 9 weeks and 4 days ago

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