Display disk partition sizes

lsblk | grep -v part | awk '{print $1 "\t" $4}'
It is the same but more faster real 0m0,007s user 0m0,011s sys 0m0,000s with my solution real 0m0,038s user 0m0,044s sys 0m0,000s with your solution :)
Sample Output
loop0	55,5M
loop1	55,5M
loop2	42,2M
loop3	43,3M
loop4	18,4M
loop5	61,9M
loop6	18,4M
loop7	61,9M
sda	55,9G
sdb	298,1G
sr0	1024M

By: gecco
2022-01-11 13:31:04

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Get raw values. Easier to parse or sort. lsblk --json | jq -r '.blockdevices[]| "\(.name) \(.size)"'
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