pipe output of a command to your clipboard

some command|xsel --clipboard
In turn you can get the contents of your clipboard by typing xsel by itself with no arguments: xsel This command requires you to install the xsel utility which is free

2009-07-08 11:52:48

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  • bash output is inserted into the clipboard, then mousepad is started and the clipboard content is pasted. xsel and xdotool needs to be installed. Instead of the mousepad any other editor can be used. I've successfully tested the Sublime Text Editor and it opens a new tab for each new paste. Check Sample output for a usage example. This command is originated from here - http://goo.gl/0q9UT4 Show Sample Output

    alias 2edit='xsel -b;n=pipe$RANDOM;xdotool exec --terminator -- mousepad $n -- search --sync --onlyvisible --name $n key --window %1 ctrl+v'
    ichbins · 2013-08-11 06:18:31 0
  • The backtick operator, in general, will execute the text inside the backticks. On OS X, the pbpaste command will put the contents of the OS X clipboard to STDOUT. So if you put backticks around pbpaste, the text from the OS X clipboard is executed. If you add the pipeline | pbcopy, the output from executing the command on the clipboard is placed back on the clipboard. Note: make sure the clipboard is text only. Show Sample Output

    `pbpaste` | pbcopy
    drewk · 2009-09-21 23:10:11 3
  • Copies command output to clipboard or selection, in this example, the current path, by output of "pwd" command. Use xclip -i to copy to primary selection instead of clipboard, for example. Allowed values for -selection parameter are: buffer-cut, clipboard, primary and secondary

    xclip -i <(pwd)
    mmeyer · 2018-02-11 00:40:53 0
  • ssh from local to remote and pipe output of file to the local clipboard

    ssh [remote-machine] "cat file" | xclip -selection c
    conga · 2014-05-19 16:34:44 0

What Others Think

A shorter alternative would be xclip: some command | xclip which does the exact same thing.
spatz · 467 weeks and 2 days ago
On Darwin, you can do this: some command | pbcopy
isaacs · 467 weeks and 1 day ago
In OSX, pipe to pbcopy and paste from pbpaste
zabouti · 467 weeks ago
Guess I should have read isaacs comment before posting!!
zabouti · 467 weeks ago
xclip and xsel are available as packages of the same names at least under Debian/Ubuntu. They are not installed by default.
bwoodacre · 466 weeks and 6 days ago
"In turn you can get the contents of your clipboard by typing xsel by itself with no arguments" -- that's wrong. That'll give you the contents of the X selection, not the clipboard which was set by the command above it. And spatz's comment is also incorrect -- his command will set the X selection, not the X clipboard as in the command he's replying to. I'll explain: xsel and xclip do pretty much the same things, but xsel is a little more advanced and has a nicer syntax. It's important to realize that the X selection (there are two of these -- primary and secondary, but no-one really uses the secondary) is different from the X clipboard. The (primary) X selection is what is set when some text is selected and is usually retrieved when the middle mouse button is clicked. The X selection is usually cleared when the program which set it exits. The X clipboard is what most programs write to and read from when the cut/copy/paste commands are used. It isn't wiped when the program exits. So this is what to use if you want to do a control-v somewhere rather than a middle click. Both xsel and xclip use the primary X selection by default. To set it some command | xsel or some command | xclip To retrieve it xsel (xsel detects what stdin and stdout are, and picks input or output automatically. See its manpage.) or xclip -o To set the X clipboard some command | xsel -b or some command | xclip -selection clipboard And to retrieve it xsel -b or xclip -selection clipboard -o In vim you can read and write to both of these by using the "+ (X clipboard) and "* (X selection) registers. For example, to copy the current line to the X clipboard, type "+yy To paste from X selection, type "*p
tremby · 459 weeks and 6 days ago

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