SSH monitor

ssh root@server 'tail --max-unchanged-stats=10 -n0 -F /var/log/auth.log ' | grep Accepted | while read l ; do kdialog --title "SSH monitor" --passivepopup "$l" 3; done

By: skygreg
2009-07-10 14:25:35

What Others Think

umm. point? watch users login and pass auth?
linuxrawkstar · 641 weeks ago
er... two things... 1) This requires non-password authentication if you're wanting to put it in a script rather than firing it manually. 2) DO NOT ENABLE THE root ACCOUNT OVER SSH. It's far less retarded to make auth.log group readable and do this via a user account in the $(stat -c %G /var/log/auth.log) group. Other than that, not a bad concept.
TheMightyBuzzard · 640 weeks and 6 days ago
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