Generate CHECK TABLE statements for all MySQL database tables on a server

DD=`cat /etc/my.cnf | sed "s/#.*//g;" | grep datadir | tr '=' ' ' | gawk '{print $2;}'` && ( cd $DD ; find . -mindepth 2 | grep -v db\.opt | sed 's/\.\///g; s/\....$//g; s/\//./;' | sort | uniq | tr '/' '.' | gawk '{print "CHECK TABLE","`"$1"`",";";}' )
This command will generate "CHECK TABLE `db_name.table_name` ;" statements for all tables present in databases on a MySQL server, which can be piped into the mysql command. (Can also be altered to perform OPTIMIZE and REPAIR functions.) Tested on MySQL 4.x and 5.x systems in a Linux environment under bash.
Sample Output
CHECK TABLE `mysql.columns_priv` ;
CHECK TABLE `mysql.db` ;
CHECK TABLE `mysql.func` ;
CHECK TABLE `mysql.help_category` ;
CHECK TABLE `mysql.help_keyword` ;
CHECK TABLE `mysql.help_relation` ;
CHECK TABLE `mysql.help_topic` ;
CHECK TABLE `mysql.tables_priv` ;
CHECK TABLE `mysql.time_zone` ;
CHECK TABLE `mysql.time_zone_leap_second` ;
CHECK TABLE `mysql.time_zone_name` ;
CHECK TABLE `mysql.time_zone_transition` ;
CHECK TABLE `mysql.time_zone_transition_type` ;
CHECK TABLE `mysql.user` ;
CHECK TABLE `mysql.user_info` ;

By: atcroft
2009-07-25 03:42:31

What Others Think

What the ... Please stop tormenting that poor animal (Yes, I mean the cat: sed "s/#.*//g" /etc/my.cnf | ... Does the job. Also why grep, awk can do that: sed "s/#.*//g" /etc/my.cnf | gawk -F"=" '/datadir/{print $2}' Btw., got rid of the tr, too.. Hell, lets do it all in sed: sed -n "s/#.*//g;/datadir/s/datadir=//p" /etc/my.cnf And find has regular expression support: find . -mindepth 2 -name "*db.opt*" And sort -u is the same as 'sort | uniq' You really seem to like your semicolons. Awk and sed only need them to separate multiple statements.
0x89 · 634 weeks and 4 days ago
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