Batch image resize

for a in `ls`; do echo $a && convert $a -resize <Width>x<Height> $a; done
Resizes all images in the curent directory to x resolution. It is better than `mogrify -resize *.jpg` because of independence from extension of image (e.g. .jpg and .JPG) (:
Sample Output

What Others Think

`ls` is bug-prone, just use * if you care about case, use *.[jJ][pP][gG] or more sanely, find . -maxdepth 1 -iname '*.jpg' | while read a; do convert ...; done
eichin · 672 weeks and 6 days ago
You don't need ls to discover files. By default your shell should expand `*` to every file name, or `*.jpg` to every jpg file in the current directory. Here's another way based on eichin's version: find . -maxdepth 1 -iregex ".*\.jpe?g" -exec convert {} -resize WxH {} \; will match jpg/JPG/jpeg/JPEG.
bwoodacre · 672 weeks and 6 days ago
Notice that if you are using linux (don't know about Win) only the solution proposed by bwoodacre will work for filenames with a space inside.
javier · 657 weeks and 3 days ago
I just found it. Wouldn't be better to use mogrify? mogrify -sample 50% *.jpg
javier · 657 weeks and 3 days ago
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