renombrar un archivo que inicia con guion

find . -name "-help" -exec mv {} help.txt \;
Sample Output
$ ls 
algo.txt -help
$ mv '-help' help.txt
mv: opci?n inv?lida -- h
Pruebe `mv --help' para m?s informaci?n.
$ find . -name "-help" -exec mv {} help.txt \;
$ ls
algo.txt help.txt

By: petrohs
2009-08-06 20:43:30

What Others Think

According to Google translate, it means something like "rename a file that starts with a hyphen". This is a complicated and unsafe way of doing it; if there's another file with the same name deeper down in the directory tree, it will overwrite the first one. Anyway, a better solution is mv ./-help help.txt
sunny256 · 632 weeks and 5 days ago
Or use "--" to signify the end of the flags: mv -- -help help.txt (Anything after -- is treated as an argument, not an option)
flatcap · 632 weeks and 5 days ago
zyxzak · 632 weeks and 4 days ago
?Escribamos ingl?s, por favor! Muchos usairos de este sitio web no comprenden el castellano. Let's please write English. Many users of this website do not comprend Spanish.
penpen · 632 weeks and 2 days ago
s/comprend/comprehend/ - such mistakes happen when you are in the wrong language mode ^^
penpen · 632 weeks and 2 days ago

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