Unarchive entire folder

for f in *;do case "$(echo $f|sed "s/.*\.\([a-z\.]*\)/\1/g")" in zip)unzip -qqo $f&&rm $f;;tar.gz|tar.bz2)tar xf $f&&rm $f;;rar)unrar e -o+ -r -y $f&&rm $f;;7z)7z e -qqo $f;;esac;done
This will unarchive the entire working directory. Good for torrents (I don't know why they put each file into a seperate archive).

2009-08-17 03:50:50

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  • This will move a folder and merge it with another folder which may contain duplicates. Technically it's just creating hardlinks of everything in the folder, and after it's done, delete the source (with rm -r source/ ) to complete the move. This is much faster than, for example, using rsync to merge folders which would actually copy the entire contents and so for a lot of files would take much longer. This uses macutils gcp port of cp so it can be used on osx/MacOS. If using in linux or some unix where cp includes the ability to create links with -l you can just use cp instead of gcp.

    gcp -r -l source/ destination/
    fivestones · 2017-02-09 23:48:38 0

  • 1
    wget --recursive --no-clobber --page-requisites --html-extension --convert-links --domains website.org --no-parent www.website.com/folder
    fivestones · 2013-10-20 04:46:26 1
  • If you have a folder with thousand of files and want to have many folder with only 100 file per folder, run this. It will create 0/,1/ etc and put 100 file inside each one. But find will return true even if it don't find anything ... Show Sample Output

    folder=0;mkdir $folder; while find -maxdepth 1 -type f -exec mv "{}" $folder \; -quit ; do if [ $( ls $folder | wc -l ) -ge 100 ]; then folder=$(( $folder + 1 )); mkdir $folder; fi ; done
    Juluan · 2011-02-11 21:28:01 0
  • You must have the android sdk installed with 'adb' executable on your system. This is just a way to loop over files in a folder using 'find' to locate and install android apps. Show Sample Output

    find ~/path/to/apk/files -name '*.apk' -exec adb install {} \;
    dacookiemonn2be · 2012-02-16 03:59:44 0

What Others Think

for file in *;do case "$(echo $file|sed "s/.*\.\([a-z\.]*\)/\1/g")" in tar.gz)tar xfz $file&&rm $file;;zip)unzip -qqo $file&&rm $file;;tar)tar xf $file&&rm $file;;tar.bz2)tar yxf $file&&rm $file;;rar)unrar e -o+ -r -y $file&&rm $file;;7z)7z e -qqo $file;;esac;done for 7z files (i was just over the 255 character limit)
matthewbauer · 457 weeks and 6 days ago
then change $file -> $f to shorten it! :-) You use it 13 times.
bwoodacre · 457 weeks and 5 days ago
oh yeah, and recent versions of tar will automatically uncompress .gz or .bz2 files (when they have the extension) so you only need one case to handle them: case "$(echo ... )" in tar.gz|tar.bz2) tar xf $f && rm $f;; this looks like a good candidate for a function save into ~/.bashrc, just put the command text inside the {}: function unarchive_folder () { COMMANDS_HERE; } and append it to your ~/.bashrc
bwoodacre · 457 weeks and 5 days ago

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