Create Encrypted WordPress MySQL Backup without any DB details, just the wp-config.php

eval $(sed -n "s/^d[^D]*DB_\([NUPH]\)[ASO].*',[^']*'\([^']*\)'.*/_\1='\2'/p" wp-config.php) && mysqldump --opt --add-drop-table -u$_U -p$_P -h$_H $_N | gpg -er AskApache >`date +%m%d%y-%H%M.$_N.sqls`
The coolest way I've found to backup a wordpress mysql database using encryption, and using local variables created directly from the wp-config.php file so that you don't have to type them- which would allow someone sniffing your terminal or viewing your shell history to see your info. I use a variation of this for my servers that have hundreds of wordpress installs and databases by using a find command for the wp-config.php file and passing that through xargs to my function.
Sample Output
gpg: using PGP trust model
gpg: using subkey 8B2 instead of primary key 6B40
gpg: This key belongs to us
gpg: reading from `[stdin]'
gpg: writing to stdout
gpg: ELG-E/AES256 encrypted for: "82 AskApache <>"


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Davidmal · 69 weeks and 4 days ago
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ChelseaSCripe · 42 weeks and 5 days ago
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WalkerNolan · 11 weeks and 4 days ago
is this site created using Wordpress or not?
ofoghweb · 11 weeks and 2 days ago

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