Archive all SVN repositories in platform indepenent form

find repMainPath -maxdepth 1 -mindepth 1 -type d | while read dir; do echo processing $dir; sudo svnadmin dump --deltas $dir >dumpPath/`basename $dir`; done
This command dumps all SVN repositories inside of folder "repMainPath" (not recursively) to the folder "dumpPath", where one dump file will be created for each SVN repository.

By: Marco
2009-09-15 20:14:51

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Recreate the dumps: find dumpPath -type f | while read file; do echo processing $file; mkdir repMainPath/`basename $file`; svnadmin create repMainPath/`basename $file`; svnadmin load repMainPath`basename $file` <$file; done
Marco · 667 weeks and 5 days ago
I just use fsfs for my storage. Problem solved... on so many levels. BDB is awful.
linuxrawkstar · 667 weeks and 5 days ago
Just make a "normal" copy of an fsfs SVN backend for backup purpose is not recommended by svnbook. You have to make sure, that no access is done during copy and copying the fsfs-folderstructure has to be executed in a special sequence. All this is automatically considered by svn's hotcopy or dump commands.
Marco · 667 weeks and 5 days ago
Unfortunately, for large repositories, dump can take time. At this time of global development, there are fewer times of downtime. Hotcopy is a lot faster and the dump can be taken offline from the copy with shorter locks on the master repository.
arcege · 667 weeks and 4 days ago
That's right. Hotcopy is much faster than dump. But the hotcopy operation generates a copy of the database. But this copy may only be readable by the same version of SVN. This may be okay for "short term backups". On the other hand, the dump operation, dumps the whole database into a version independent format. A format which is guaranteed by the SVN development team to not change in future anymore. So this can be used for "long term backups". Refer to:
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seofox · 21 weeks and 4 days ago
seofox · 20 weeks and 5 days ago

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