scping files with streamlines compression (tar gzip)

tar czv file1 file2 folder1 | ssh user@server tar zxv -C /destination
it compresses the files and folders to stdout, secure copies it to the server's stdin and runs tar there to extract the input and output to whatever destination using -C. if you emit "-C /destination", it will extract it to the home folder of the user, much like `scp file user@server:`. the "v" in the tar command can be removed for no verbosity.

By: xsawyerx
2009-01-29 10:38:26

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This can be more succinct if you have rsync. Secure remote copy with default compression: rsync -rptlvz -e ssh path1 path2 user@host:path Secure remote copy with configurable compression FTW: rsync -rptlv --compress-level 9 -e ssh path1 path2 user@host:path
laburu · 693 weeks and 1 day ago
@laburu I don't understand your example.. Could you break it down further? I was needing to copy over a large data file from a remote machine to my local one and I wanted to compress it, so I just used the command: rsync -Pz user@host:/path/ .
DEinspanjer · 690 weeks and 6 days ago
And in case you don't need to untar the file at the other end: tar zcvf - folder | ssh user@server "cat > /backup/folder.tar.gz"
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