Open a list of files in VIM using separate terminal windows

find . -name "*.java" -exec gnome-terminal \-x vim {} \;
Not that useful really, more novel. Can open up an awful lot of terminal windows.

By: root
2009-02-10 09:38:04

What Others Think

This is poor find usage. To avoid extra processes, you should spit the output to xargs so that multiple filenames will be passed at once: find . -name \*.java -print0 | xargs -0 gnome-terminal -x vim This may end up creating only one window with many files in separate buffers though. If you want lots of windows, you have to use the "-l" flag to xargs.
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But no less interesting.
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What do you think?

Any thoughts on this command? Does it work on your machine? Can you do the same thing with only 14 characters?

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